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Self-portrait (?)

Robusti Marietta called Marietta Tintoretto

(Venice 1554-60 - 1590)

First documented as forming part of the Borghese Collection in 1790, this painting depicts an elegantly dressed woman, believed to be Marietta Robusti, daughter of the famous Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto as well as a talented student of his. As some critics have proposed, the work may in fact be an inferior copy made by Marietta of her self-portrait. The present writer rejects this theory, as certain comparative evidence is lacking.


Object details

fine XVI secolo
oil on canvas
cm 101 x 78

19th-century frame decorated with Cornice ottocentesca decorata con cymatium moulding (124 x 101.5 x 11.3 cm)



Rome, Borghese Collection, 1790 (Inv. 1790, room X, no. 25); Inventario Fidecommissario 1833, p. 39; purchased by Italian state, 1902.



The provenance of this work is still unknown. It is listed in the inventories of the Borghese Collection only beginning in 1790. While the 1833 Inventario Fidecommissario cites it with the curious attribution to Gherardo delle Notti, Giovanni Piancastelli (1891) rather proposed that the work was a product of the artistic circles of Veneto, and more specifically the school of Paolo Veronese. Later critics put forth a variety of other names, with some (Longhi 1929; Wethey 1971) suggesting that it represented one of the many derivations of Titian’s famous lost portrait of Elisabetta Querini, and others (Wilde 1930) claiming that it was a copy of a painting by Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto. Comparing the work in question with the self-portrait (Paris, Musée du Louvre) believed to be by Marietta Robusti, Tintoretto’s daughter, in 1955 Paola della Pergola proposed that the portrait in the Borghese Collection was by the hand of the same artist,  even though it was not as refined as the work in the Louvre. While Harold E. Withey (1971) rejected the idea, it was revived by Kristina Herrmann Fiore in 2006; since then, no critic has challenged that judgement.

Yet this attribution is not without its uncertainties, as we know of no other works that are unquestionably by the artist with which to compare our portrait: in spite of much research, she remains ‘an artist without works’ (see Grosso 2017). Although scholars have noted similarities with the portrait in the Louvre and another one in the Uffizi (Self-portrait with Madrigal, inv. 1890 no. 1898), we publish it here as an anonymous work of the late 16th century, most likely executed within Tintoretto’s prolific atelier.

Antonio Iommelli




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