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Singer with a flute

Veneto school

The Singer with a flute is the pendant to the Passionate singer (inv. 132), both of which were acquired by Scipione Borghese as works by Giorgione. However, there are differences between the two musicians. The one in question here has a sneer on his face and has almost turned his back, while the other one appears more courteous, as shown by, among other things, the gesture of placing his hand on his chest. Is he inspired by a love song? Furthermore, the musician under discussion has a large and crudely made bass flute with five holes. The two figures are thus complete opposites: the dishevelled piper, whose hat has fallen to one side, exposing a cloth tied around his head to stop the sweat, and the elegant singer.

Object details

oil on canvas
cm 102,5 x 73
Text not translated yet